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The Most Provocative Essay Topics Related To History

History is one of the subjects, which needs a lot of information. You need to mention a lot of facts and stories. It might be myths or saga, but it requires factual data to tell a substantial story. Since history requires many data, so you need to choose a topic that has a lot of information to cite.

As history is a subject that has vast topics to work upon, yet to find a provocative one you have to be on your toes. Professional essay writing service is thus going to share some of the provocative examples of history essay topics that will grab more attention of the readers.

Provocative History Topics Suggested by Best Online Essay Writing Service
There are many topics to choose but we have categorized a few that will seek more attention from your examiner –

  1. You could write about the Civil Rights Movement. You can go beyond the movement summary and focus on the period and some specific change brought by the movement.
  2. If you are looking for community service essay, example of post-war Vietnam and its relative success can be a beautiful topic to write. Tell how the Nation reunified and defeated South Vietnam. Show how the Vietnamese today has a high quality of life compared to citizens in many neighboring nations.
  3. Another interesting and amazing topic with very little known details is the Battle of Hastings. How this battle shaped the whole England and its related evolution. How it shows that kings from continental Europe invaded England and brought changes in the History of modern England.
  4. Karl Marx is an eminent and iconic figure in the history. Few historical figures have left such a big impact on the society. You can show how his writings put to use by various communist parties, movement, nations, and revolution.
  5. Essay service online suggests that the British era in India had a tragic ending. The conclusion of British rule had both negative and positive effects on the country. You can highlight them and make your project enjoyable.
  6. The Hippie culture of 1960 can be a particular topic that will be able to display a number of events of the era. Even the fashion of the hippies can also be an interesting chapter to focus while you write.
  7. Essay rewriting service also suggests a topic like justifications about the US when it started to bombard nuclear weapons on other nation during World War II. This is a little controversial but your reader’s eye will stay glued.
  8. You might have heard about Maori people in New Zealand. They had a great and rare victory against the British Rule. You can discuss their process of preparations in your next history essay.
  9. The superpowers of the World are a tad different from each other. Yet the two great revolutions that took place in the different nations had some similarities. American and Bolshevik revolution, you can compare them and show how the opponents of the Cold War had a similar start.
  10. Afro-American music culture and show how oppression led to the rise of a great and different taste and flavor to art.

You can try out any one of the above topics and startle your readers. These topics will help to stand out from the common crowd.

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