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A Collection Of Formatting Tips For Young Essay Writers

Are you a college student? It is obvious that you have to write research papers or work on a variety of essay topics. But opening the Microsoft Word and start sketching an essay cannot be a solution. You cannot type away words with the default settings rather you need to change them.

Even if you hire a custom essay writing service to write your paper, mention them the correct format. These college essay editing services stay aware of the formats, but you must mention too.

There are a number of things such as fonts or number of words on each page should reflect on your paper. So here are a few tips and tricks that you need to follow to put your best foot forward.

  1. Choose your fonts
  2. Some fonts are professional. Such as in a resume you should not use Comic Sans since it looks immature and childish. If you are writing an essay, make sure to choose Serif and Sans Serif.
    Serif Fonts include Times New Roman, Calibri, Antiqua, and Georgia. Whereas Sans-Serif Fonts include Tahoma and Arial as they are easy to read.

  3. Choose the correct font size
  4. Whether you hire legit essay writing service, or write yourself, stick to the 12pt fonts. Choosing the correct font size is important in case if you limit yourself to a certain number of pages.
    If you are not using too many headlines or paragraphs it is easy to fit 500 words on a single page. If you use 11pt Calibri, it will fit on one page, but if you switch on to 12pt, it will occupy two pages.

  5. Looking into the line spaces
  6. Adjusting the spaces between the lines is also a formatting trick. Some of the professors will prefer that the work shared should have double-spaces. This makes it easier for them to edit. Some prefer that the papers have single or 1.5 spaces between lines, but it is a personal choice of the examiner.

  7. Look after the character spacing
  8. If you ask to work on law essay, writing service should also know about the character spacing. You need to increase the character space by 1-2 points that will make your paper long. This also helps to make your paper easy to read. You must not overdo. If you add too many spaces, it will make the paper look clumsy.

  9. Look at the Word Count
  10. Word Count is easy to measure if you use the handy word counter in MS Word. But you must make sure that you keep the words at 500 per page or per one and a half page.
    Say if you hire law or MBA essay writing service or not make sure the paper is professional. Thus, you need to use the correct format along with a gripping topic to score more grades. If you are not sure about the preferences or the professor, it is better to ask. You can also do a research on the writing style of your university and then start working on it.

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