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How To Make Sure That Your Essay Is Free Of Plagiarism

From the first day in your college or university, the professor rants about plagiarism. You stay in constant fear whenever you submit an assignment, in case your work comes under plagiarism check. You are always in fear of losing grades.

What Is This Plagiarism?
Well, popular essay writers’ service tells that it is the act of using another person’s word or idea without giving him any credit. There are many custom essay service who underlines that a plagiarism in the essay us easy to detect if it has.

  • Used someone’s quote exactly without putting any quotation marks
  • Copying work of someone other from top to bottom
  • Not attributing the quote to the author with the use of correct style guide
  • If you paraphrase too close to the actual text

So, how can a student avoid plagiarism? What step may they ask the essay proofreading service to prepare an essay without falling into the trap of plagiarism? Here are some of the simple steps that you might like to follow to avoid plagiarism in the research papers.

  1. In case, if you have found information that is perfect for the paper, you must read and put in your own words. You should not take more than two words in a row. If you use more than two words, make sure to put quotation marks.
  2. If you ask someone to write my essay, service must give you an assurance on the plagiarism check. They must use proper citing to avoid plagiarism. They must use proper document formatting guidelines like APA, Chicago, and MLA etc. that often an educational institution prefers to use.
  3. When the writer quote from a source, they have to use the quote exactly as no one will like to see misquotes. There are institutions who object the use of quotes of 40 words or above. So it is important for the professional writers to paraphrase in a manner maintain the fragrance of the original quote.
  4. Remember citing a quote is very different from citing a paraphrase. This might involve the adding of a page number or a paragraph in bullets if it is a website content.
  5. If you have hired service above self essay and if they have to mention a material that you used in your current class, then they have to follow basic rules. They have to use the text that you quoted in the class in a different way that you have used it. Exactly using the similar quote will make you fall into the trap of self-plagiarism.
  6. The use of proper references will also help you to avoid the trap of plagiarism. It is important to include a page-by-page reference at the end of the research paper. This page must meet the guidelines of the formatting order that your educational organization prefers to use.

It is important to edit the research paper and check the plagiarism before you submit the paper. Ask your proofreading essay service to utilize their anti-plagiarism skills and help your score the best grades.

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